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  • Savesto Corner Chair Sectional
Savesto Corner Chair Sectional
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Looking comfortable. Feeling comfortable. That’s what modern farmhouse living is all about. What better way to embrace the modern farmhouse trend than with the Savesto LAF corner chair sectional in charcoal gray. As casually cool as they are luxurious, the sectional’s reversible back and seat cushions are feather filled and wrapped in a cottony soft fabric for cloud-like comfort. Crisp, clean lines and track arm styling simply work.

  • LAF Corner Chair Width: 101.60 cm
  • LAF Corner Chair Depth: 101.60 cm
  • LAF Corner Chair Height: 93.98 cm
  • Wedge Width: 101.60 cm
  • Wedge Depth: 101.60 cm
  • Wedge Height: 93.98 cm
  • Oversized Accent Ottoman Width: 81.28 cm
  • Oversized Accent Ottoman Depth: 81.28 cm
  • Oversized Accent Ottoman Height: 53.34 cm
  • Armless Chair Width: 81.28 cm
  • Armless Chair Depth: 101.60 cm
  • Armless Chair Height: 93.98 cm